Southern Indiana Blue River Labs Health Guarantee

BRL guarantees all pups until they reach one year of age, regarding any congenital (born with) problems which should arise.  Records from a licensed vet must be supplied to BRL within the 1 year period of time.  All guarantees apply to original buyer only and are non-transferable.  Under no circumstances will BRL be responsible for any vet charges.


BRL has the right to require the puppy be returned for inspection by BRL prior to replacement at the cost to the owner of the puppy. Upon confirmation of congenital problem the pup will be replaced free of charge.


Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges.


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BRL Hip Guarantee


All BRL pups are guaranteed against hip dysplasisia until 24 months of age.  The following requirements must be met in order to guarantee your puppy.


The dog, if female,  cannot have been bred.
Must have x-ray documentation sent to a vet (OFA) for a reading with “poor” results


If buyer should have a pup with documented dysplasia the puppy may be returned to BRL in exchange for a replacement puppy.


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Because of the variety and quality of dog foods available (and all canine illnesses are NOT covered by vaccination), we require that all our pups be kept on “NuVet Plus Canine”  nutritional supplements until 24 months of age.  This nutritional supplement is only available through breeder recommendation.  You will be instructed concerning this when you take possession of your puppy.  You are expected to have this on hand when you take possession of your pup.


The order line phone number is:   1.800.474.7044  (8am – 6pm Pacific Time)

Your order code # 66059


NuVet Labs sends us a monthly report on which BRL pups are being supplemented with NuVet Plus Canine.  All health related guarantees will be considered null and void if your pet is not kept on this supplement.


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 As the seller, I certify that this dog/pup is free from illness and defects, and does not appear clinically ill from parasitic infestation.  All information provided is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.


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Bill of Sale/Guarantee of Good Health


Breed:      Labrador Retriever




Date of Birth:___________________



Date of Purchase/Delivery:_________



I have read and understand the above guarantee and information reqarding this pup and agree to this document in full.





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